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  Learn the traditional martial arts of the ninja and the samurai as passed down by Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura Sensei.  The spirit of a ninja is a heart like a flower and a spirit of steel.  One great ninja must help ten thousand people.  Tanemura Sensei passes down this art in the name of spreading harmony and spiritual development. 
The main purpose of Genbukan and KJJR martial arts is to provide the public with the ability to use techniques for true case self defense, not only for the body, but also defense for the mind and spirit.  Using jujutsu and taijutsu techniques, a weaker person can overcome a stronger person.  These techniques come to us through the survivors of hundreds of years of battle.  They are strong techniques that can be mastered by anyone with practice.

   We teach tumbling, striking and kicking, escaping and dodging, and joint locking and throwing.  We also teach beginner weapons cane, sword, and staff.  It is a complete and versatile martial art.
   Donald Hughes is a personal student of Tyson Lutz Sensei, Dojo Cho of Ohka Dojo.  All rankings come from the grandmaster in Japan, Shoto Tanemura Sensei.  We hope you can join us for training!

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