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How does acupuncture work?

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

In acupuncture school, we learn mechanisms of acupuncture that please a mechanistic viewpoint manifested in Western allopathic medicine. They tell us that acupuncture can reduce pain because the needle stimulates the A fibers, that sense presence, and there are no neurotransmitters left to fill up the axons of the C fibers, that sense pain. To my mind, this explanation sounds a little bit like your foot hurts, so the doctor bonks you on the head and now you stopped thinking about your foot.

Another mechanism they tell us is that if you cause microdamage to the tissue, this will stimulate growth. This does prove a useful technique in promoting healing of damaged areas, but it does not explain how acupuncture works. In my experience, acupuncture cannot only relieve pain, but can bring down a fever, restore mobility, calm anxiety, benefit stomach issues. relieve allergies and colds, and many other effects that cannot be explained by a mechanistic chemical answer.

Acupuncture is electromagnetic. The needles act as a conduit for a more subtle form of energy that has been called qi, ki, prana, aether, elon vitale...... When sperm and egg meet at conception, they form a cell that undergoes mitosis. Each cell is a clone of the other. How does a foot cell know it is a foot cell and a head cell know it is a head cell? Science has no known chemical answer. The answer is polarities. Body development is organized as much by an electromagnetic field as it is by DNA. This field organizes bodily function and cell action and growth.

The field is mediated by the fascia system as well as by the nervous system and cardio-vascular system. The fascia is a connective tissue. The nature of this connective tissue is like a zigzag. In each corner of the zigzag a water molecule can be perfectly magnetically suspended. This allows for something called a biophoton or a soliton to exist. This is a changing photon, electron, vibration quantum energy packet. People who do activities like dance or certain martial arts can move faster than a signal can travel through the nervous system. This proves there is another factor in signaling our bodies to move that is not reliant on the nervous system. What explains this mystery? Our bodies are also sending signals through biophotons in our fascia and in our organizational electromagnetic plasma field.

Science has shown that the acupuncture channels are tubes inside of the fascia. Inside of these tubes there is lowered electrical resistance and a fluid that can become stem cells. The channels in the fascia also travel inside to attach to the peritoneum, which holds all of our organs in place. So the lung channel on the skin connects internally with the lung and other organs. In this way, acupuncture can affect the organs.

The human body wants to heal. Illness, toxins, emotions, and bad habits can all get stuck in our electromagnetic ionic plasma biophoton field and create blockages within the functioning of our organs and life processes. Acupuncture can help to remove blockages by magnetically pulling out stagnant energy. Removing these blockages promotes free flow, and free flow promotes health.

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